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Why Invest in FunnelTracker?!

If you currently have a marketing funnel (no matter how simple) you know how frustrating it is to have to log into complicated software, run a report and GUESS how you’re doing, what needs work and what doesn’t.

  • Know exactly where the copy isn’t working (an email, a lander, a PDF report people aren’t reading)
    So you can save time and go fix it!
  • Save tons of time giving reports to your clients
  • Save frustration not knowing what change worked best (simply check the date range the change was made)
  • Know your conversion rates and opt-in rates instantly
  • Outsourcing/Delegating has NEVER been so easy. Your team will instantly see what each piece of software holds what piece of the funnel and be able to quickly go and edit what’s needed.
  • With drag and drop funnel steps, changing up your funnel is easy too!

You can cancel your subscription any time via PayPal.
View the help page if you get stuck, or refer to the video on the homepage.

FunnelTracker is RISK free… try it and if you’re not happy within the first few weeks of subscribing, email us at OR Skype me at daniel.deyette and we will refund you.

Monthly – $24.95

** Limited time offer introductory price

Yearly – $199

** Limited time offer introductory price