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6a00d8341c630a53ef014e8b5b5698970dWell rockstar, you’ve managed to keep the clients moving forward another week! You’ve met with all the client managers, amazed them with your ideas and abilities to language their stuff onto the internet… You’ve outsourced what you can, and here you sit… Putting together another another “exciting” report.

Client A
X traffic from Google search this month. Up –% from last month.
X traffic from Facebook this month. Up –% from last month.
X traffic from instawho cares.. up –% from last whenever.
X traffic from twits, and some followers… More than last month!
X views on Tube videos from X scribe-subbers…

Add another shot of liqueur to that late night latte… Look out the window… It’s after 5 and it’s already dark. Parking lot’s almost empty… heck, if you don’t believe in life after death, you gotta see this place get lively around 5pm!!

Ok, so… It’s illegal to cage humans, yet here we are in a cubicle… someone super creative, capable of writing and designing the content marketing campaign of the century, writing yet another page turning report!

Can we actually *DO* anything with this data?
What needs to change?! What’s going to have the BIGGEST impact on this client’s bottom line? Well.. more damn eyeballs isn’t going to make much difference… We’re bringing them in all the time, and the numbers don’t change… Clearly somewhere in the funnel, some new copy or a new offer is needed..

But where?!

Ok, fine. We’ve already given management what they wanted… heck, there’s even apps out there we can use to pull these basic reports on overall people hitting the page… but WHERE in the funnel is broken? Constructing a custom report in Analytics is going to take another hour… do you feel like it? No…

Add another shot of peppermint Schnapps…

Imagine this.. Imagine when building each step, you had already inserted a tiny bit of code… Just like your Google Adwords code to each step… Can you see it now? A step by step complete funnel map… a reason to justify more budget for edits to the biggest sticking point of the funnel!

Yeah, you knew damn well that free incontinence cushion wouldn’t help that hemorrhoid cream campaign, but who were you to argue? Now you’ve got the data to prove it!

And hey, you’ve saved yourself a couple hours and there’s still some sunlight to be had!

Thank you FunnelTracker!